Monday, June 20, 2011

Summertime in the D - Detroit Stories

This past weekend, I spent part of my Saturday in Midtown Detroit aka as Cass Corridor back in the day. It was the anniversary party of Avalon Bakery and a celebration for all the stores that are on the Willis at Cass. Lessons can be learned from this group of business owners.

• They works as a family

• They support each other

• They are adventurers

• They believe that they could make it happen years ago when the only people in Cass Corridor were students, bums and people driving thru with their windows up.

Now it is a great place to pick up a cup of coffee and an organic pastry; pick up some organic fruits; get some fresh gear; buy something unique; pick up a book; see some art and get a natural fashionista hairstyle. I love going down there. You will see new faces and meet up with old friends. When someone moves out of Michigan and comes back to visit, they visit Mom and Dad first and then Willis and Cass. I love Detroit. What I hear on the news is a Detroit that I don’t live. I live in the Detroit, where there is dancing in the street, laughter and beautiful people.

Ms Nefertiti

A goddess and her man

Cute as she can be

Dancing in the street

Young Fashionistas

Sharp as a Tack

Smile because you live Detroit


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